16/12: Maren Behrensen: “How Ethicists Communicate”

Filosofiska föreningens sista föreläsning för hösten kommer att hållas av Maren Behrensen som är post-doc i filosofi vid centrum för tillämpad etik vid Linköpings universitet. Hennes forskning rör sig i huvudsak inom den politiska filosofin och handlar bland annat om migration och identitet.

How Ethicists Communicate
In this talk, I want to look at how ethicists communicate and miscommunicate. I will limit myself to the Anglophone and European context of professional ethics and professional philosophy; and my leading question will be whether there is something in the way moral questions tend to get framed in these fields – especially toward students and laypersons – that might explain their relative lack of diversity and in turn, their relative irrelevance to many ongoing public discourses.
I will begin with a brief account of the lack of diversity in philosophy and ethics, then discuss different understandings of pluralism – as a problem and as an aspiration, and then proceed to discuss three “tropes” of contemporary analytical ethics that I regard as particularly detrimental to the goal of communicating moral concerns successfully. In this section, I will pay particular attention to the role of thought experiments in ethical thinking. Finally, I will briefly consider what positive impact a revision of or refusal to use such tropes might have in terms of making ethics a more diverse and pluralistic discipline.

Efter föreläsningen blir det samkväm som vanligt. För att få lyssna på föreläsningen behöver man vara medlem i filosofiska föreningen. Det blir man på plats och det kostar 50kr/år.  Vi tar emot betalning med kontanter eller swish.


The last lecture of the Philosophical society will be given by Maren Behrensen, post-doc in philosophy at Linköping university and have the title “How Ethicists Communicate”.

In order to attend the talk you have to be a member of the philosophical society which you can become in connection to the lecture. It costs 50kr/year. We can take payment in cash and by swish.



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