10/12: Helen Frowe: “Stand Your Ground? On the Ethics of Unnecessary Defensive Killings”

Nästa föreläsning kommer att hållas av Helen Frowe. Hon är forskare i filosofi vid Stockholms universitet och föreståndare för Stockholms centrum för krigs- och fredsetik. Hennes filosofiska forskningsintressen är, enligt egen utsago, etiska frågor som berör krig, självförsvar och att döda oskyldiga. Mer om henne kan man läsa här.

Stand Your Ground? On the Ethics of Unnecessary Defensive Killings
When George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida in 2012, much of the very heated debate that followed focused on Florida’s so-called ‘stand your ground’ law. This law permits an individual to use lethal force against a person whom she reasonably believes poses a threat of serious harm to her even if she does not believe that force is necessary for avoiding or averting that threat. The law thus raises at least two important issues in the ethics of self-defence: the permissibility of using unnecessary force, and basing the permissibility of such force on the defender’s reasonable belief that another person poses a threat. Both these issues are controversial amongst philosophers who work on the ethics of self-defence.
This talk will focus primarily on the moral status of unnecessary defensive killings. I suggest that culpable attackers lack rights against suffering unnecessary defensive harms. This does not mean that such killings are morally permissible. An attacker’s rights do not exhaust the range of morally relevant considerations. But it does mean that unnecessarily harming a culpable attacker does not wrong her. She has no special complaint against being the target of unnecessary force. However, the fallibility of defenders’ beliefs concerning whether a person poses a threat, and whether that person is culpable, means that ‘stand your ground’ laws are nonetheless unjust.

Efter föreläsningen blir det samkväm som vanligt. För att få lyssna på föreläsningen behöver man vara medlem i filosofiska föreningen. Det blir man på plats och det kostar 50kr/år

Our next lecture will be given by Helen Frowe, research fellow in philosophy at Stockholm university and director of Stockholm Center for the Ethics of War and Peace. The title of the talk is: Stand Your Ground? On the Ethics of Unnecessary Defensive Killings

In order to attend the talk you have to be a member of the philosophical society which you can become in connection to the lecture. It costs 50kr/year.


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