Intentionality all the way down

Snart är vi tillbaka! Den 16:onde maj håller Tobias Schlicht ett föredrag om medvetandefilosofi. Tobias är professor i filosofi vid Ruhr-Universität Bochum, du hittar hans hemsida här. Så här beskriver han ämnet:

Traditionally, intentionality is regarded as that feature of all and only mental states, paradigmatically beliefs and desires, in virtue of which they are directed at or about something. The problem of intentionality is to explain how it fits into the natural order. In this talk it is proposed to treat intentionality as a feature of whole organisms who can be directed at objects and states of affairs in various ways, not only cognitively, but also in affective and sensorimotor ways. It is further suggested that these varieties of intentionality are ultimately grounded in a biological intentionality of organisms which we also find in the ultimative building blocks of all organism, namely cells.

Tiden är 19.00, salen T302 på Olof Wijksgatan 6.

Varmt välkomna!

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