Moral compromise

Då var det dags igen. Fredagen den 28 oktober kl 19.00 i sal T302 (Olof Wijksgatan 6) håller David Archard, Professor of Philosophy & Public Policy vid Lancaster University, ett föredrag om moraliska kompromisser.

A moral compromise is a compromise on moral matters; it is agreement in the face of moral disagreement but where there is agreement on the importance of consensus – namely that it secures a morally desirable outcome. It is clearly distinguishable from other forms of agreement and the case of moral compromise with public agreement on the content of the compromise raises interesting moral issues. This case has most relevance to the activities of a philosopher in the domain of public policy. I will spell out what it is and clarify the sense in which it might be permissible ‘all things considered’ The relevant discussions of the American bioethicist, Dan Brock, and Mary Warnock, the Chair of an important United Kingdom policy advisory committee, on the proper role of the philosopher as a policy maker will be reviewed. Finally, a brief list will be offered of the considerations relevant to an estimation of whether and, if so, when such compromise is allowed.

Efter föredraget blir det som vanligt pub med öl och vin och fortsatt diskussion på institutionen för filosofi, lingvistik och vetenskapsteori.

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